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BOSS Trucks never buys trucks from other dealers or the auction like all the other truck dealers around town.  So where exactly do we get all of our trucks from?  We get them from you!  That's right, all of our trucks are bought directly from private sellers.  Think of it as an organic way of hand choosing the quality of trucks we carry.  We are very picky about the type of trucks we purchase.  Most of our trucks are 1 or 2 owner trucks with clean carfaxes and meticulously maintained by their previous owner.  We do not buy any trucks that have been used for work or heavy towing  and it must be a 4x4 crew cab.  Most of the trucks sold to us are just basic stock trucks and that is the way we like them.  We consider a stock truck a blank canvas and with a little creativity we can turn them into completely unique pieces of art.  If you have a well maintained 200 8- 2017   Silverado or Sierra that you are looking to sell or trade and think it meets our criteria, contact us today and we will make you an offer.    For those of you that  may have a  unique truck  and  feel your truck may bring a special price we are now  offering  you the ability to list  your truck on our site for your choice of a  flat rate fee up front or a pay when sold commission option.  We are also paying $100 for anyone who refers someone who sells us their truck or who lists their truck on our site to sell.   Our site brings millions of unique visitors a month and is the most trusted and well known marketplace for mint and flawless lifted custom trucks in the world.  Give us a call about selling your truck today!

3 Ways to  Sell Your Truck with Us

-  Sell  it to us outright

The obvious benefit of this option is you could sell your truck to us  instantly and  move onto your next venture.

-  Have us list it on our site for free with only a  fee if it sells  (must be a custom lifted truck)

If you are skeptical of paying a  fee and not sure of the value  of listing your custom truck on our site then  we challenge you to let us list your truck for absolutely free.  That's right you don't pay us a penny and there is no catch.  In fact you don't even pay us a percentage fee if we sell it for you.   The way it works is you just simply tell us how much you are wanting for the truck and  we will post the truck for that price with a  slight mark up  our end so that it benefits both of us.   Not only that, one of our salesman who have a wealth of knowledge about custom trucks  will handle the entire transaction from the ground up by taking the calls and communicating with your potential buyers to giving you a weekly update about the amount  of web traffic and interest your truck  is getting on our site  from our analytics experts so that you can be guided and have insight on the price point your truck needs to be at in order to liquidate your asset  into cash.   We will also be assisting potential buyers with financing and any  transportation or logistics needs that they may need as well and   any other elements of your sale that will affect  your bottom line in a positive way.

-  Have us list it on our site for  a fee  (must be a custom lifted truck)

If you don't like the idea of us handling the sale of your truck for you and you want to be in control of all of the negotiating yourself and keeping all of the sale price of your truck then this will be your best option to choose.  We are now giving you the ability to  sell your truck for a low fee of only $495 for 6 weeks of listing on our site that generates millions of viewers all across the country and even world wide exposure .  You will get 10x more exposure on our site than Ebay which charges $100 for a 7 day listing.   Do not waste your money on Autotrader which will get you zero exposure.  With minimal  effort you would upload your pictures through  dropbox and send us a description and we would instantly post your truck for you. We would include your contact information in the listing so you would handle questions from potential buyers.    We would also still assist you and your buyer  if help with shipping or financing is needed.    At this time BOSS Trucks  is only accepting  high quality or show level  trucks.  We will assist with any photography and video needs you may have to showcase your truck and propel it into a quick sale.  

Send us a picture of your truck below to see if your truck qualifies to be put on our site to  sell for free

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