Investment  Opportunity

BOSS Trucks is growing and with the   expansion of any company,   more capital is needed to keep up with  that growth and demand.   As with  any corporation,   we welcome investors looking  to  secure their  capital in a safe, yet aggressive venture.    Currently,  we utilize all of our own capital and do not borrow from banks  due to their high interest loans and fees.   Most banks will loan on prime interest rates to companies with solid credit such as our own but with fees this rate usually exceeds double or triple prime rates.  The automotive industry yields high returns to successful companies, yet banks consider the cost  to oversee   these companies to   be extensive and therefore the rates of loans to dealers are often absorbant and higher than secured collateral loans.  Therefore, we seek investors who would like to join us  in our success by offering an investment program where you can earn a guaranteed 10 percent APR.  The minimal investment in our company is $10,000 and your yield will be   paid out to you monthly with interest included.  We allow any investors to collect their funds at any time if given a 30 day notice.  That means at any given time of your investment if you wish to pull your capital for other use you may do so at any time.  If you are interested in this exclusive opportunity then  give us a call for more information.